I know, I know. I missed yesterday.

After four hours of sleep, Dana and I participated in our first Arts&Craft show (together) on Saturday. Loading, spending the day in the sun conversing with passer-bys, and packing up in brutal heat wiped me out.

The biggest take away from the day? Something’s wrong with the truck, and I’m going to have to take it in to get fixed up. Grrrrr.

Oh. The biggest take away from vending at the Arts&Craft show? I need to make more things beyond jewelry. That, of course, will require ordering the after-move chaos that is my basement workshop. Getting there.

I made a few more bucks than the booth fee, so it was worth it in that respect. Weather-wise, the day was pleasant for the most part. But, the heat at the end while having to pack up creates a pretty balanced “worth it”-“not worth it” reflection. Tipping the scales for the worth it was just getting out there and interacting with people. I haven’t quite decompressed from teaching, but I recognized the enjoyment.

While eating some leftovers, Dana and I continued to watch Crowded before crashing pretty early.

I woke for a couple of hours between 2am and 5am with clogged sinuses. Then slept solidly until the afternoon.

So far today (Sunday) I’ve sweated in the upstairs office while doing the paperwork routine. Dana cleaned up the living room and is making lasagna for dinner. We’ll watch some TV. Hopefully I’ll feel motivated enough to drag the show stuff down to the basement to store for next time. If not… oh well. Plans to take the truck in somewhere tomorrow stresses me out. Taking a chill day might not be so bad.




16th Day

Tomorrow is Saturday. I’m “retired.” But, I’ll be waking up at 4:30am to work. Go figure.

As feared, Brexit had an impact on my holdings. But, Hormel Foods was up today. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks canned chili is going to become a necessity soon.

Today’s agenda included staring at a computer screen crunching potential stock trades, loading the truck for tomorrow’s gig, visiting with a (former) co-worker about some business, sharing a sad occasion with Dana, and ordering a pizza big enough to feed me for days from Luisa’s Pizza in Salem, WI.





Bed at 6am. Woke at 10. Unloaded truck. Wrote an email to Paul Ryan asking him to call a vote in response to the Capitol sit-in.

Slept again.

Woke again. Signed lease paperwork and theoretically sold a car.

Played some Battlefront. Ate tacos. Opened a present from last Christmas in anticipation of going kayaking soon.

Sold another item. Finished a necklace.

I’ve got to figure out how to make time and space to take pictures of my most recent works so they’re ready for display on Saturday. I’ll be selling work at the UW-Parkside art and craft fair on June 25th.

Watched the rest of Season 1 of Superstore. Started watching Crowded. Hulu is good.

Going to bed looking at a 5% drop of S&P futures in reaction to Brexit vote results. Fearful of the impact it will have on my holdings tomorrow.



Filed some paperwork. Normal cleaning. Read, napped, ate. Checked out a bit of the Bespin DLC. Watched an episode of Superstore. Read some more. Here we are.


12th Day – Exploring this blog’s purpose

I guess the numbering system won’t end up being so bad. As I typed “12th Day,” I didn’t think of it as the 12th day since ending something, but instead that it’s the 12th consecutive day I am writing an entry. Maybe I thought that because I almost decided to skip writing something today. Earlier I sent Dana a longish ramble that satiated my desire to type out thoughts. But, then, I decided… No. This is a goal. Stick to it until it becomes second nature.

I realize that I don’t have a theme for my blog, which won’t exactly help to build an audience. While it is both flattering and humbling to have accumulated a fairly impressive number of page views of my Day 10 entry just from sharing it on my Facebook wall, I’m not sure I want to measure my life’s ambition by page views.

I used to.

Many moons ago, before the Facebook era, I had a website devoted to images taken at Renaissance Faires sprinkled with some personal galleries. That, obviously had a theme. It also had a purpose. It was 1999, and I wanted to visit a Renaissance Faire. Bristol had about a month and half before its opening day for the season. After reading through usenet forums and doing some web searches (I think I was still using Yahoo! to search instead of Google), I found a page that listed a few faires that were going on. But, the closest ones were in Tennessee and St. Louis. I wanted to see some pictures of them to get an idea if it’d be worth the drive, but image galleries were scarce and digital cameras hadn’t quite hit the consumer level.


Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire 1999


I opted to try out the St. Louis faire, and with a great friend, took a six hour drive.


Fortuitously, I had also recently purchased a digital camera — a Sony Mavica — one of those ones that used 3.5″ floppy disks. I think I could get 10 – 15 pictures on a disk at a resolution of 1024 x 768.

Dial-up connections were still the norm. Speedy users had 56.6kbps. T-1 lines were a dream and cost around $30,000 to have installed. I digress.


Before teaching dragged me into adulthood


I made a simple web page, posted a link to the images on alt.fairs.renaissance.

A persona, and an obsession, was born.


Friendships forged at Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire 1999


As I fight with the formatting here to get this to look just like I want it, I’m not sure if all this futzing is worth the effort. How do I crop the damn images? Why don’t I have more control over the caption boxes? Ugh. Why can’t I move the sumnabitch where I want it — move up one frickin’ line, would ya!? 

For the record, I am NOT happy with the way these images are laid out. But, I also just wanted to make a quick entry before playing some Star Wars: Battlefront, so screw it. I’ll just have to live with it. Besides, all this was just to drive home the point that I can get obsessive about interests. I already once was motivated by page views, and I don’t think I need to explore that again. I’m blogging simply to journal my days… largely for me. Hopefully others find them interesting or entertaining.

I sat in Racine while the windows were installed, and I charged the battery of a car that’s been sitting since September. I also contacted the DMV about some particulars regarding selling that car and drafted some paperwork for the impending sale. Once all that was done, I stopped at Rocky Rococo’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner, then headed home for a nap.

As I said before, after the nap, I composed a rambling message to Dana. She got home from her work/volleyball day around 8:00. We watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad (season three) before she decided to go romp around slumberland. And here we are.


(Note: I just previewed this page — I am really unhappy with the presentation.)


Day 11

We went to Charcoal Grill for lunch today. Came home. Took nap. Woke. Cleared off the dining room table to make room to sort books for inventorying and boxing. Finished watching the season of Sleepy Hollow. Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out in Racine while some windows get replaced.

Yesterday’s post and responses generated a lot of thoughts that I’ll save for another day. I would like to clarify, however, that I haven’t unfriended anyone. Just unfollowed. And only those that repeatedly and voraciously clutch to the defense of unregulated gun control, especially in the wake of mass shootings. After all, I live in the world, and expect to encounter opposing beliefs. A post here and there is not a problem to scroll past.