Day 3

Commence sleep cycle shift. I really didn’t accomplish much today: organized paperwork and moved a dresser from the basement to Dana’s room. Watched a bit of the second season of Daredevil on Netflix; took a long nap.

These entries aren’t going to be a blast to follow. And, chances are life is going to become so routine that it won’t seem there’s much use to saying the same thing over and over again. But, I’d like to try to make this a daily habit if for no other reason than to force myself to reflect on the day’s accomplishments or lack thereof.

Dana headed to German Valley to spend time with her family. She should be back on Sunday. I’m going to force myself to set aside “work” tomorrow and just absorb myself in Fallout 4. Goal.

My tenant has posted some nice pictures of her settling into the Racine house. That makes me glad. Of course, it’ll take some getting used to seeing pictures of my house that’s not my home.

Looking ahead, I’m hoping to finish moving stuff out of the Racine basement on Monday/Tuesday and putting all that split living to rest (except for the garage, which is just going to wait for awhile). While it would be nice to completely de-clutter moved stuff from the living areas of the first floor next week, I wouldn’t mind getting out in the kayaks with Dana. In fact, I think we should make that a priority. The first floor de-clutter will get done, and I’ve got to transition from the “get it done asap” mentality to “sorting and organizing is going to be your job when Dana goes back to work. Start taking it easy.”

We’ve also got to get our marriage license applied for this upcoming week.

Two years and one month to the day. That’s how long it took to get under one roof. It took fourteen months and eight days to sort through 99% of the stuff in my parents house (there’s still one drawer in my father’s bedroom I need to work through).

I’m not feeling highly motivated at the moment. But, for the first time in a long time, that doesn’t bother me. With the weight of working in RUSD off my shoulders, I can handle the rest of what I’m carrying.

Oh, and I uncovered my chin. Dana wants me to shave the rest of it off, but I’m kind of digging the look. I’m going for the civil war era mutton chop at the moment.

Now for a couple more episodes of Daredevil (and beading. Although I say I’m watching TV, I’m really working on some sort of project.)




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