Day 4,5, maybe 6?

I had a bit of a meltdown the past couple of days, which means I slept quite a bit. Some unpacking/re-organizing got done. Some video games were played. Some beading was accomplished.

The truth is, I may have forgotten to take my anti-depressants Saturday and Sunday morning. The combination of frantic moving and changing my home base, lots of chaos, last week of work, and renting out the house I’ve lived in for thirteen years, probably wasn’t a good time to not be diligent about the medication routine.

Dana handled me well. And, currently, the storm clouds have seemed to pass. Whether or not it’s because of meds or that there is something specific to get done on my agenda today remains to be seen.

That is something rather important to determine. My biggest concern/fear about this early retirement gig is slipping into a state of melancholy due to a lack of external stress. It’s like that scene in The Matrix when Agent Smith explains why the simulation isn’t a perfect world. More than financial security, boredom, or failing to be a positive contribution to society, I worry that having so many options to choose from without a mandatory obligation to do anything in particular, I’ll run into some sort of broken loop of not being able to do everything at once, thereby freezing and doing nothing.

But, today that doesn’t matter. I do have something to accomplish: get the rest of the basement in Racine sorted out and transported.

Tomorrow I don’t have a dedicated task quite yet — gotta see what today brings. Hopefully Dana can get the stuff currently in the kitchen cleared up. That’ll give us a bit of order in a centralized location. If we can get the workout area in the basement set up on Wednesday, that will clear up some of the basement chaos and allow for the opportunity to hop on the treadmill the next time a woeful spell arises.

I haven’t written about my hobby projects in awhile. I have three items in my TV work zone. One that needs to just be clasped. The one that was occupying me in Kenosha. And the one that was occupying me in Racine.  That may very well be fodder for tomorrow’s entry.


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