Bed at 6am. Woke at 10. Unloaded truck. Wrote an email to Paul Ryan asking him to call a vote in response to the Capitol sit-in.

Slept again.

Woke again. Signed lease paperwork and theoretically sold a car.

Played some Battlefront. Ate tacos. Opened a present from last Christmas in anticipation of going kayaking soon.

Sold another item. Finished a necklace.

I’ve got to figure out how to make time and space to take pictures of my most recent works so they’re ready for display on Saturday. I’ll be selling work at the UW-Parkside art and craft fair on June 25th.

Watched the rest of Season 1 of Superstore. Started watching Crowded. Hulu is good.

Going to bed looking at a 5% drop of S&P futures in reaction to Brexit vote results. Fearful of the impact it will have on my holdings tomorrow.



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