I know, I know. I missed yesterday.

After four hours of sleep, Dana and I participated in our first Arts&Craft show (together) on Saturday. Loading, spending the day in the sun conversing with passer-bys, and packing up in brutal heat wiped me out.

The biggest take away from the day? Something’s wrong with the truck, and I’m going to have to take it in to get fixed up. Grrrrr.

Oh. The biggest take away from vending at the Arts&Craft show? I need to make more things beyond jewelry. That, of course, will require ordering the after-move chaos that is my basement workshop. Getting there.

I made a few more bucks than the booth fee, so it was worth it in that respect. Weather-wise, the day was pleasant for the most part. But, the heat at the end while having to pack up creates a pretty balanced “worth it”-“not worth it” reflection. Tipping the scales for the worth it was just getting out there and interacting with people. I haven’t quite decompressed from teaching, but I recognized the enjoyment.

While eating some leftovers, Dana and I continued to watch Crowded before crashing pretty early.

I woke for a couple of hours between 2am and 5am with clogged sinuses. Then slept solidly until the afternoon.

So far today (Sunday) I’ve sweated in the upstairs office while doing the paperwork routine. Dana cleaned up the living room and is making lasagna for dinner. We’ll watch some TV. Hopefully I’ll feel motivated enough to drag the show stuff down to the basement to store for next time. If not… oh well. Plans to take the truck in somewhere tomorrow stresses me out. Taking a chill day might not be so bad.




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