The books on the dining room table have been inventoried, but not put away. After carefully entering in which box a certain book may be found, I stupidly changed the location for all books to the Cowboy Room Bookshelf. Ugh. The backup file was useless. Fortunately I only over wrote a few boxes worth of data on the cloud server and was able to work with Dana to restore most of the correct locations. 

I’ll need to get into four stored boxes to fix the rest, and there are still six boxes of craft books in the basement to organize, as well as a number of travel, photography, and computer books to enter in. Oh, and a spattering of books hanging out in bedrooms that need to get scanned. 

Interested parties may peruse the collection at: https://cloud.collectorz.com/robynsotherby/books

I’d happily loan books to folks… and, depending on the book, may not even expect it to be returned. 

The next big inventory task will be saved for the cold months: music and video collections. 

Today I was struck with a thought of a dragon’s horde; the big pile of gems and jewels and gold coins. I made myself chuckle thinking that if that legendary image were borne today, the great beast would be sitting atop a pile of cds, dvds, flash drives, and books. These seem to be the treasures we middle class accumulate. There might be some socks and Tupperware thrown in with that pile too, but really!? Is it just me, or does that boil down to the legacy many of we first-world commoners achieve? 

It especially strikes me because of the duplicate and sometimes triplicate copies of media I now possess. Some because of different formats: album and cd, VHS and DVD, physical and digital. Some because of joining with Dana. Some because of inheritance. 

Was it really necessary for me to buy CDs that my parents had? Well, of course it was. But what about movies or books? Fortunately I did not end up with too many duplicate books, aside from some classics of the literary canon. I don’t think there will be many duplicate movies, for the most part, my father’s and my tastes of movies worth purchasing differed. 

Music, on the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised to find somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred duplicate CDs… or at least album & CD. 

I’m dwelling on this topic because, in connection with yesterday’s entry, I’m struggling with the existential meaning of having all this… entertainment. Is this all I’ve worked for? All my dad worked for? (I’ll attribute my mother’s labor to the vacations they took and household niceties — even though my dad has some neat art/decor even if it isn’t reflective of my passions. Oh, and hobby supplies and equipment.) 

 I guess what I’m saying is that in all my concerns about making my retirement income/savings stretch for another 40-50 years, if I simply watched each movie, listened to each song, and read every book I possess, it would probably take me a decade to fully consume each thing once, and assuming the reason I continue to possess them is a desire or intention or possibility to consume them at least one more time, there really isn’t any need to spend money on more. 

But, I will. I’m a good American cog. Satisfied to be entertained in 74 minute chunks, willing to buy things because it is a newer format or has shiny effects or lulls me to sleep at a different beats per minute. To quote from The Lego Movie that I had to watch because it was 3D and Legos: “Everything is awesome.” 

Tonight we watched Dr. No, thus beginning a James Bond marathon of sorts… not strictly a one-after-another type of marathon, but an intention to watch each movie before the end of summer. Goals, baby. We gots ’em.



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