Day 174

I suppose the routine has started to settle in. The clearest evidence of that is my not having an urge to share anything here. It’s not for lack of motivation; I just haven’t recognized anything worth recording for the sake of posterity. 

The election of Donald Trump put me in a mood for a week or so. Since it’s been dominating the headlines, there isn’t any reason to add my 2 cents. Just read any left leaning article expressing disbelief at the results of November 9th, 2016 and imagine my voice echoing them. (Yes, that is a direct reference to the concerns of echo chamber news distributed through social media that has become a hot topic.) 

Beyond that… nothing too significant has happened in the last month or so. Dana and I were vendors at a first-year craft fair that was scheduled against both Horlick’s and Parkside’s holiday fairs. From that description, it should be obvious that it wasn’t a profitable day. That is an understatement. We sold nothing, but I did confirm that if I continue to do shows, I need to make some more kitschy stuff. Craft fairs are NOT the market for my beaded necklaces. 

I’ve also experienced another run of unanticipated cash outflows thanks to a dishwasher and a couple of vehicles. Fortunately, those surprises still represent a minor inconvenience rather than anything worrisome. Extravagances need to be pushed off, but financial benchmarks aren’t in jeopardy. 

I’ve started to inventory and consolidate DVDs from their cases to a space-saving binder. I’ve gotten through titles starting with #, A, B, C, and D. One recycle bin was filled, and around 134 titles are snug in the first of what I’m hoping will be no more than five specialized binders. Five or six duplicates have been set aside so far for give aways. 

Dana suggested just tossing the many boxes of VHS tapes, but I can’t bring myself to do that. Likewise, as I’m embarking on this project, I’m wondering why I should bother with DVDs. I’d rather have a digital version or blu ray. But, y’know, “stuff” is a legacy. 

Video games have been occupying my time. 

I watched Psycho for the first time because I’ve been binging Bates Motel on Netflix. There was a line that struck a chord with me, “Hobbies are suppose to pass the time, not fill it.” I guess I’m going to have to start referring to my “hobbies” as my “occupation” disregarding the connotation that my “occupation” is my “livelihood” or synonymous with “career.” 

A number of people in the past month have asked me how I’m enjoying my retirement. I’ve done my best from shouting unashamedly and with no reservation, “It’s fucking great and EXACTLY what I wanted life to be like!” The only reason I don’t is because it’s a circumstance born of tragedy that has become a blessing to be revered and not something I find in good taste to celebrate. Regrettably, I’m not enlightened enough to stop the *thought* from occurring. 

I can feel an itch coming on: a desire to lose myself into something creative. Unfortunately, it’s just an itch without an inspiration so far.