Day 209

And the 200 mark quietly passed by unnoticed. 

Dana goes back to work after Winter Break in… oh… about five hours. I do not envy her. Although, I can say that I finally and definitely feel like if I had to go back, I’d be thinking, “Yeah, okay. I can use the break from myself.” 

That’s kind of the attitude I had at the end of longer breaks since 2009 and before 2014. I’d tend to frantically exorcise all the “wanna try” thoughts that had collected that I’d burn myself out. At that point, going back to work was a way to step back and evaluate where I was at. 

The “to do” list remains. The current primary task is cataloging, consolidating, and organizing DVDs… have I said all this before? I think I have. 

And, if I have, that means I’ve been stagnant. Hmmm. Come to think of it, that’s a good way to describe what I’ve been feeling: stagnant. 

I’ve been reading about for-profit education. I also read two of Carrie Fisher’s memoirs. A couple of days ago, I started sculpting toward an idea I have for making cast garden fairies with stained glass wings. But that’s got me missing the work table set up I used to have in Racine. I actually started visualizing how I might recreate that set up, but not only would it disrupt my sensibilities, Dana wouldn’t be too pleased either. I’ll have to figure something out for in the basement. Eventually. 

Stagnant — NOT BORED! No, no, no. Don’t get confused about that. The routine of video games, beading, to-do list, and chores has just become so routine that it’s causing my thoughts to wander aimlessly. And, there’s nothing solid for them to grasp onto. Hence, going back to sculpting. 

I just spent a couple of hours YouTubing the video game/learning tool of Rocksmith for Xbox One. I was thinking that if maybe I learned how to play the guitar, that would help me with the banjo. 

I also tried to figure out crocheting for another jewelery making technique. But since it’s easier to learn crochet with yarn, I figured I should do that. I don’t have an end goal in mind for a finished piece of crocheted yarn though. So, as I work with yarn, that’s got me thinking that if I were going to make something with yarn, I should really learn how to knit. 

So, there we have it. I’ve been thinking about learning to play the guitar and knit. But, I’ve got plenty of other stuff to do, practice, and perfect. Like I said: stagnant.

One thing that the routine of a job provides is something to blame for not getting things done that you think you would do if you didn’t have a job. 

I just bought Dead Rising 4 for a new video game to play. Last Thursday Wooz, Kris, and Johnny came over to play a board game: Risk Legacy. We’re going to get together again on January 20th. That’s cool. 

Um. I got nothing else to ramble about. Next time perhaps I’ll describe how I think I’m finally decompressed and have been organizing DVDs. 



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