Day 272

I’m happy to have started to have a game night again with friends and board games. So far we’ve been playing a Risk Legacy campaign and some of Fantasy Flight’s Arkham titles. 

Separately, Dana and I have a game of Star Wars:Imperial Assault set up on the front room coffee table. 

Video game wise, I picked up For Honor and The Bioshock Collection. I desperately want to like For Honor, but I can’t quite get a feel for the controls. That coupled with my general suckiness at PvP games leaves me fearing that title will not get much attention. 

Having never played Bioshock before, I am finding it delightful. 

However, I haven’t been playing Xbox too much recently. I finished the DVD inventory, spent some days giving rooms a deeper than usual clean, am entertained by crocheting, and have been grooving on painting the Star Wars miniatures that come with Imperial Assault. 

February seems to have flown by, and having just looked at the date, I see that the first week of March is just about over. 

My thoughts have been void of existential crises. That has been a welcome relief. 



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