Day 499

It’s fall. I’m hitting a groove of comfortable routine between organizing, hobbies, and playing video games. I’m trying out working with stained glass, and it’s coming along okay. It moves me from doing zen-like, repetitious hobby tasks from my chair. I consider that a good thing. It feels more active.

I also have added e-juice sampling to my list of distractions. Really, my goal was to simply get my vaping habit to not require buying disposable coils; but, like most things I get involved with, I got a tad obsessive. Similarly, this week I’ve been attempting to lower the cost of using Nespresso pods, since I seem to have gotten accustomed to enjoying a morning espresso.

My morning routine has become: shower, espresso while playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Of all the modes of entertainment, the one that has kept my attention the longest these past couple of months has been a stupid little free-to-play game on my phone. Weird.

Although it hasn’t been incapacitating, I’m still learning about what aggravates my gut.

The basement couch/staging area is box free (as of yesterday)! Granted, some of the boxes have just moved locations in the house to be put away, but those represented the last of unsorted stuff from moving and quitting working. There’s one more area that needs to be sorted through in the garage, along with a shoebox containing stuff from a dresser junk drawer in my father’s room, and I can finally say I’ve gone through EVERYTHING. There are still jumbles of stuff that will need to get organized neatly. And, after that, it will be about optimization of space and tackling the storage room of boxes. It took 3 1/2 years, but it’s safe to say, at this point, the “to do list” isn’t as overwhelming as it has been. It’s reached a point of being an annoying list of chores rather than a dire task list of things to accomplish so I can move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment next week. I intend to ask for a referral to “talk to someone” professionally for various reasons. Oddly, as I think about explaining those reasons, I’m feeling a bit shy. I usually don’t have a problem rambling about my battle with internal demons. At the moment, however, they don’t seem worthy to write about.

Tomorrow will be 500 days since I stopped employment. I haven’t stopped “working,” so I’m saying “employment” because of the connotation of going to a job each day. Milestones.