Day 588

I haven’t been having many moments of internal conflict. So not many thoughts to write about. Things are good. The “to do” list isn’t nagging at me so much anymore. But, it’s still there. 

Currently I’ve pulled out some boxes of candles and candle holders to… do something with. And, for the first time, I’m running into “stuff” that *shrug*. 


Most everything has a story for me. I somewhat envision a “soul” within everything. That’s why I have trouble getting rid of stuff. I’m not at the degree of being a hoarder, but I don’t like throwing something away if I believe I can use it at some point. 

Like glass jars. Pickle spears, maraschino cherries, olives… those all come in remarkably useful glass jars. And, after washing them out, I have found plenty of uses for them. So, yeah, I got a couple boxes of glass jars. I’m not hoarding them. 

And, of course, I throw plenty of things away. 

But as I think about these candle holders, I get kind of broken. Some of them have a story attached. Some of them don’t. They are new, still in the box. In any case, they are still useful. It’s just that I don’t think that *I* will use them. But, I could. 

These are prime things for a rummage sale. But, I’m not going to hold a rummage sale for a few candle holders, and I’m not at a point where I can pull out everything rummage sale worthy. Plus, I just don’t want to have a rummage sale. Setting shit up, pricing stuff. And, if it doesn’t sell, putting it away again. 

So, obviously, the next thing to do is donate the stuff. And that’s fine for me with the stuff that doesn’t have a story. 

I guess, the thing is, this is the sort of stuff that if space wasn’t a consideration, I’d have no problem boxing up and shoving into deep storage until an opportunity came along to give it away to someone that would appreciate it or use it myself.

However, space is a consideration. Because of *stuff*. And, for the most part, it’s all stuff I have used, would like it use, or may have a use for in the future.

I’ve made it a goal this year that any projects I work on have to maximize the use of stuff that I already have. That’s been a helpful director of how to use my time. 

That doesn’t resolve my quandary of what to do with the candle holders, but it does guide me to having more occasions that require candles to be burned.