Purple talons II

Work continues on “Purple Talons.” The necklace is becoming a netted base that increases to the center. Green splotches represent splotches of seaweed or some other vegetation. This concept seems to be a recurring theme in my necklaces as I work: some sort of water, tangled tendrils, murky.

The companion in my current adventures commented that it isn’t clear what this blog is about. I suppose that’s a valid consideration — if I were concerned about marketing and packaging a product for consumption. But, at this point, that isn’t a large concern of mine. That’s not entirely true.

Soon I’ll be embarking on a wonderful new adventure — not exactly retiring, but not exactly starting a new job. A question that naturally arises is, “What am I going to do with my time?” It’s a pretty obvious answer to me: whatever interests me in the moment. Still, there are limitations to that. I can’t just wake up and decide to go to Paris or buy a sailboat. It’s more like every day will be a Saturday: I can sleep in, stay up late, or take a nap. If chores need doing, I can take care of those… or leave them for Sunday if I want to. It’s a day off, but not really a “vacation.”

There is a concern that life without purpose can drive a person crazy. That may be true. But, a friend of mine reminded me that I have a habit of usually getting focused on something. When I’m no longer teaching, it’s not like I’m going to fluff up a nest to wither away in. I should continue to move toward something.

I enjoy the monotony of beading. It keeps my hands busy. Years and years ago I tried to quit smoking, and in order to keep my hands busy, I started to cross-stitch. That hobby caused me to explore other things, eventually reaching this thing I do with beads. It’s not a stereotypical man hobby, and I haven’t been incredibly open about sharing this interest with others.

Now, as I move toward something else, I consider that with every day being a Saturday, I’m going to end up with a lot of these projects that are going to need a place to be. I’m certainly not going to wear them out and about. But, each piece has been produced from a desire to create: a thought, a concept, a yearning to be. Each piece has a story. Ultimately, that story is influenced by all that surrounds me.

So that’s what my ramblings are all about: the thoughts that influence the story of each of the pieces I’m working on. Putting those stories in the guise of ramblings to specific people are just a way to help me to write. It’s a way for me to confide secrets I don’t necessarily want to publicize… like the fact that I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars while working on this particular piece. In season four of that show, a bird is featured, which links to the “talons” that I’ve come to recognize as a feature of this current project.

Without context, it is certainly strange for a 43-year-old man to spend a Saturday night with a needle and fishing line stitching together a beaded necklace while watching a TV show geared toward teenage girls. Hell, even with context, it’s probably a cause for questions.

Soon, though, I’ll have plenty of time to provide that context, and explore why I’ve been hesitant to publicize how I’ve spent a great deal of my free time over the past few years.

For now, though, I’ve got another episode to watch and some more beading to do before the desire to blow-shit-up in a video game overtakes me.



Purple talons


The current project I’m working on involves these purple, green, copper talon like things. I haven’t quite figured out what they will end up as, but I’m sure it will be weird.