Ninth Day of Evermore Fridays

I didn’t end up getting to bed until after 6am. That’s just how I roll.

Dana woke me up at about 2pm so we could go down to the City Clerk’s office to apply for our marriage license. After being told the clerk’s office wouldn’t take checks, and there would be a three dollar surcharge for using a debit/credit card, the lady said, “Is that okay? Well, I mean. I guess it’s not okay. It just is. I mean….”

“Nah. It’s alright,” I told her. I nodded my head toward Dana. “She’s worth the extra $3.”

Came home. Ate some more brats while watching another episoimagede of Superstore. Finished setting up the home gym. If I don’t lose 30 pounds by next summer, I’m going to have some ‘splaining to do.

Dana continued to organize her bedroom.

We ended the day by watching London Has Fallen. The movie got me in a tizzy. First, while watching, I decided to visualize President Ascher as President Trump. It made the movie more of a horror movie. Way too much ‘Murica… and having the hero be as much of an aggressor as a protector left a bad taste in my mouth. Twenty years ago, I’m sure I wouldn’t have given the movie a second thought beyond “cool explosions!” But, in light of the current state of affairs: a gung-ho, kill ’em where they stand presidential candidate, mass shootings triggered by the thought that, “dem fuckbags iz different than me,” and the mind boggling meme war that erupts on social media as a reaction, it’s not too hard to see the movie reflecting our culture.

No way would I ever argue that movies like it shouldn’t be made. I’d just prefer that the attitudes presented were hyperbolic and satirical rather than common enough to make a champion of those beliefs a legitimate presidential candidate.

We put on one more movie for Dana to fall asleep to: Total Recall (the remake, not the original). Dana has drifted off, and I’m finishing this entry while watching the rest of it. I got up to the scene where a chick shows off her three breasts, and started getting into a mental loop… something along the lines of, “Sheesh, just like the original. Classic movie moment, glad they included it again.”

I remember seeing remakes of older movies when I was younger. Movies that were made before I was born: Ocean’s 11, The Italian Job, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Fly, Invasion of the Body Snatchers… others. My thinking then was it was great to see these movies for the first time in a cinematic form that was more in line with my movie expectations.

Watching that scene in Total Recall, I thought, why bother making a remake? The first one is fine just the way it is. It’s not that old. It’s in color… crap… no… I’m just old enough that state-of-the-art that I’ve experienced is just old shit now.

I only have one minor thing on my todo list for tomorrow — restring some cords running around the basement workout area. That’s basically nothing. Oh, the paperwork routine needs doing. After that… we’ll just have to see which part of the chaos is irritating me the most.





Seventh Day

Just a real quick one this evening (although it’s nearing 1:00am again):

I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to. The floor mats were laid out in the basement. The home gym bottom stabilizer was put in place along with the treadmill, bike, and shaking machine. The shaking machine was the only thing that got reassembled. The rest can wait until tomorrow… or the next day.

Dana and I got caught up with Gotham and watched an episode of Stitchers. Dana fell asleep while I watched Airplane! — a classic that’s requires re-watching every so often.