About these rambles

Begun February 24, 2016. I have a habit of sending rambling e-mails to friends or others when I’m striving to explore the thoughts in my head. Fearing that my current topics of interest are an intrusion into the priorities of others, I’ve decided that instead of subjecting my friends to the awkward position of having to read yet another long-winded message, wondering if it’s necessary to respond, I should just pretend I’m writing to whoever I’m considering the audience, and just post it as a blog.

This leads me to a possible way to “categorize” these rambles. Instead of general categories of interest like: investing, market moves, beading, glass work, state of mind, etc., I should develop imaginary personas representing the people I’m thinking of writing to. I like that.

Why ‘cinkyblog’? There’s a question for a future ramble. I’ll save it for when I get asked about it.

Also, I’m not doing the comment thing. At least not yet. I’d rather exchange an e-mail or private messages via Facebook.